Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend wonders

whew. what a weekend. this weather was  a m a z i n g  and just what the doctor ordered. i was outside for as many hours as possible soaking it all in and trying new things, starting to feel like my old self again (or maybe that's the twelve miles talking). but there were quiet moments too, like crawling into bed early on friday night and spontaneously enjoying a visit and homemade kahlua cup of joe with my bestie on sunday, that were the perfect slow compliment to my over the top outdoorsy weekend. bless up.

- friday night bake session for saturday's junk in the trunk fat-ass.

- lvrg roller derby days with the pacers - those girls are fierce and totally inspiring!

- gorgeous reservoir at rustic i never knew existed.

- dudes being dudes at the roller derby; cheap beers and venison steaks in the parking lot.
yes, my friends are rad.

in case you can't tell, i'm SUPER excited and super proud. 

- delicious home cooked dinner with the girls over at robin's and her totally cool cat zander checking out the birthday flowers.

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