Friday, March 8, 2013

friday fuel

so, we all know phoebe is totally fabulous and i am truly, deeply blessed to call her friend and colleague.  this image is from her blog post today and if you want further fuel this friday, i suggest you take a moment to read the entire post. her words resonate with me in such a deeply personal way, it feels like i'm reading an email she wrote just to me. but of course, i must not be so self-absorbed remember her message is personal and to be shared with others - so i'm sharing my favorite part here, and encouraging you to read the rest. 
happy friday. thanks for walking next to me p.

"Once you remove people from your life who only want to abuse the best you have to offer (in a job or in a relationship) I promise you…because like DOES attract like and bullies travel in herds… and as comfortable as it may seem to be in a situation where you feel you can make a change while being emotionally beaten down, professionally taken advantage of… I promise you there are so many more encouraging, dream filled, passionate, loving, real, sincere people who will take their place.  They will walk beside you to build you up and not because they need some PR.  I promise you.  I hope you never feel alone.  Just reach out." - phoebe cnanakis

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