Monday, March 18, 2013

weekend wonders

i don't have one word to describe this weekend, just that it was exactly what i needed. each day packed full of things and people i love, countless hours outside, early bed times, amazing food and gratefulness. grateful that it fulfilled me and grateful that i have created a life (and a person) that i love and will fight fiercely for. 

- 50 degrees and footloose friday after work for some trial time, followed by pizza, bourbon and the decendents with the bestie and her hubs. 

- spent saturday shopping, donuting, photoshooting, hanging, drinking, laughing, face-masking, editing and overall hustling with the lovely melanie linder. what. a. blast. oh, and lu got her very first designer duds from heidi merrick :) AND she held her bottle with two hands, boom.

- snow meant white trails on sunday, times two. green carnations for dad on st. patrick's and a "clubhouse" hang out after our afternoon trail romp on mt. penn, complete with irish soda bread.  

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