Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend wonders

"There comes a fun point in a man’s life when he stops dating girls and starts dating women. Girls, well, they’re great and all, but they’re still growing and finding themselves. Women, real women, know themselves, and don’t fuck about, thank-you-kindly. About six months or so ago I started seeing women."
- Ned Hepburn

i only titled the post weekend wonders, because it's monday and that's what i title blog posts on monday. but i have absolutely nothing to show you! i refuse to give my iphone the satisfaction of taking pictures when another weekend is spent laying low with a cold. enough is enough. so, i was sick, and there is snow today, and if spring doesn't get it's ass here soon i think i seriously might wither up and die. could i be more pale? i don't think i have ever been this pale? and my pants are tight from lack of motivation...seriously winter? i am so. over. you. we had fun! i showed you a good time - lots of skiing and time outdoors, snapping shots of the snow and sipping lots of bourbon in front of the fire. but enough is enough.

so instead, i found this, and i want to share. ahhh so that's the difference; dating girls vs. women? i get it now. and you know what, i dig being a woman. and laughing? well, there's probably nothing better in my book.

happy monday lovers, hang in there with me - laughter is the best medicine.

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