Wednesday, March 6, 2013

good thymes

escargot & calamari
ahi tuna, eggplant crepes (veg), tavern burger and onopn rings, salmon
all i remember is the warm belgian chocolate number on the right was my favorite

i had SUCH a fun evening last night dining with my lovely neighbors for a good thyme for life. we left the city and headed for the hills to try out the black dog cafe. such an unassuming building with such amazing food! i was thorough impressed and can't wait to go back. they have a formal dinner menu, as well as a pub menu and we ordered off of both, and were thrilled with everything. i got a little obsessed with the food and forgot to take pics of anything else...oops! here's to helping our community stay healthy and hopefully hosting next year! (wink, wink) head on over to phoebe's pure food to check out her dinner review too!

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