Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tune in tuesday

[sunrise in rehoboth beach on tuesday morning | photo via monograms unlimited]
We survived Sandy and came out fairly unscathed; still waiting for the power to come back on so I'm rocking a baseball cap at work, but Wawa is brewing coffee and the traffic lights are back in action, so clearly we're on the upswing.

I had a super glamorous day indoors of naps, laundry, closet over-hauling (stay tuned on that) and tea drinking/comfort food eating to the max. Not a bad day.

Unfortunately, not everyone fared as well and my thoughts are with the East Coast as we begin to recover.

But I bet you're wondering what I listened to all day yesterday while living it up!? It was pretty simple - a mix of my parents America vinyl record and Ben Howard on the iphone. Not a bad cozy, stormy day mix. Warning: may make you want to snuggle. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

stupid sandy

[image via that kind of woman]

so sandy is on her way. i played with her a little this weekend in rehoboth but she seems to have followed me home. (plus, my mom called and told me to come home...so there's that.) be safe everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2012

friday fuel

[image found here]
off the ocean this weekend for some serious girl time! xx

friday fuel bonus
ohh and what about this little special live recording of one of my most favorite songs of all time? i just found it and now have it on repeat ;) slow dance anyone?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

what i want wednesday

[some of the By Boe pieces I'm pining for at Bella Jules]
I'm pretty sure you can't have too much jewelry. And everyday pieces? Well, I believe you should have an arsenal of pretties that are comfortable, chic and casual. Enter: By Boe. Fun, fresh, pretty and simple designs for everyday. These pieces are awesome on their own or even prettier paired up - and great for any budget! But best of all? You don't have to leave Berks County to buy some Boe! Just stop by local boutique stockist Bella Jules and busy yourself with wearing and pairing her beautiful By Boe rings, earrings and necklaces. Happy shopping beautiful!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

tune in tuesday

It's one of those melancholy fall days here in Pennsylvania; rainy, cool and moody. I can't think of a better song to have on repeat for said fall days. Listening to Lou kind of feels like pulling your blanket up to your chin, sipping your favorite tea and watching the leaves fall. I have Garance to thank for this find, and I bought her new album Places immediately and have had it playing ever since. But don't worry, it hasn't been all Melancholy Sadness over here...she has catchy little tunes like this one too!

Not to mention Lou is a total French fox (and  reminds me of Joni) and just did the Free People October catolog shoot. You should check that out too. 

you don't say?

[image via tory burch]

Tory Burch and horoscopes? I'm surprised too. But not surprised at all by this:

The full moon will be in your sign on October 29th. Since Taurus is the sign of luxury, do something sumptuous to honor it.
What does this month have in store for you?

Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend wonders

[it was an amazing weekend in new england. (and i loved my wedding outfit.) the end.]

Friday, October 19, 2012

friday fuel

[image via Spread the Love; it's my favorite, you should spoil yourself and buy it too ]
Off to celebrate Darryl and Whitney tying the knot this weekend in CT! And for the record I can. not. wait. to see my family dance our asses off, and maybe drink too much, and probably laugh so hard I pee in my pants a little. Plus, stay tuned for a little WIW action next week...ohhh suspense!

So in honor of wherever you're at in the relationship world a few irresistible goodies I've come across:

I DIED when I found this tumblr...

Reflected when I read this.

And am positive this is the BEST wedding gift ever, of all time, the end. Or, this one
Sometimes I can't decide who I love more. Good thing I get to give lots of gifts!

food for thought

That's been the theme this week: food. My schedule has been hectic but fun and full of FOOD. Since you missed me, here are a few snaps from the week:

 Me and Ms. Phoebe at the Glam, Glitz and Gloss event at Bell Tower. What a FAB event; so excited we were invited by sweet Sorrelli. Check the Bloom blog for a full review of the evening and to see P and I glammed up! (and see our fancy posing in this pic!? we learned the "right" way to strut)

I ate a lot pasta! And I'm okay with it. My Sunday sauce making extravaganza couldn't go to waste, so we indulged in the comfort food of foods and chowed down, picnic style.

What's a week with no tacos in it? Exactly. No week I want to be a part of. 

Oops! Nachos. With everything. I could have taken a photo of the pretty leaves at Long's Park that I got to enjoy yesterday but, let's get real. First time (I know, so lame) at The Lancaster Dispensing Co. and I can't wait to go back! Thanks AJ!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what i want wednesday

[image via Beeradvocate]
I can't take credit for finding this, but I HAD to tell you asap! My awesome trail buddy and fellow deadhead Rod sent me the tip-off, and honestly, I can't believe I didn't know this until now! The Grateful Dead and Dogfish Head are making a brew together people! Read this to get the full scoop. I seriously feel like I might explode with excitement and anticipation - since it won't be out until NEXT October. Obviously, this what I want, like, right now. So I'm scheduling my weekend in Rehoboth now so I can have a front row seat at the brewery to taste this beauty.

In the meantime, we'll just have to listen to this and wait patiently. How much do we love that they named it American Beauty? Sigh.

Monday, October 15, 2012

weekend wonders

[blue sky at french creek | chili soup, skillet cornbread, cozy sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans and football | ps. no filter]
Short and sweet. Saturday was beautiful and Sunday was restful. Lots of time on the trail and in the kitchen; two of my favorite places.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"if i wanted to charm the pants off you, i could."

[image via esquire]
Ah, Mila.

I think Mila Kunis is a total babe. And now she's Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive 2012 - so let's all have a Mila moment right now. But even more than her being totally bodacious, I encourage you to actually read the interview (after watching all of the video of course) and check out her brain too. Because, well, it makes me dig her more.

For example her take on politics: 
The way that Republicans attack women is so offensive to me. And the way they talk about religion is offensive. I may not be a practicing Jew, but why we gotta talk about Jesus all the time? And it's baffling to me how a poor person in Georgia can say, "I'm a Republican." Why?

Whatever side of the line you're on, on not on, is up to you. But for me, this statement really hit home. And I applaud her for standing up for what she believes in.

Which as we all know, is the sexiest thing of all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what i want wednesday

[image via MCMC Fragrances]
I read a quote somewhere that went something like this - if a woman shaves her legs for you, and asks you not to shave for her, marry her immediately.


In my book, a face without scruff is like a day without sun. And when No-Shave November rolls around, I'm in heaven.

But even bearded boy/friends need to keep a well-kept coif and be super cool and casual about it.

Hello, Dude No. 1 Beard Oil by MCMC Fragrances- you are all of these things. And you smell manly and woodsy and I-don't-mind-if-I-sneak-some-for-myself good.

Basically all the cool bearded kids are doing it. So you should too.

Plus, I'm dying to try my own MCMC scent...but which one?! I guess a trip to Brooklyn is in order (not to mention MCMC is stuidomates with Odette - be still my heart!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

tune-in tuesday | anniversary style

So today my most favorite couple on the planet celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary! Simply put, my parents have taught me the definition of true love. So turn up the volume and rock out to this little number (which was the text on their wedding invitation; yes, I get my hippie tendencies from my mother) and raise your glasses to happily ever after!

Monday, October 8, 2012

weekend wonders

[friday night octoberfest at the liederkranz | k. rule's neversink birthday trail run | pickfest fun | blues cruise trail race]

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

weekend wonders | part one

Well first, let's talk about the AMAZING bed and breakfast we stayed at for Glen's ironman/birthday weekend in the Poconos. Since I get overwhelmed even thinking about how perfect Santosha on the Ridge is, I have lots of pictures to share so you get the idea. It truly was the most relaxing, magical place - so inviting, warm and home-like (and clean, local and organic) with the most breathtaking views, amazing kitchen and yoga on the premises. the breakfast was rockin' too and hanging out in the hottub after a trail run wasn't so bad either. so naturally, i plan to open a B&B as soon as possible.

Monday, October 1, 2012

good press.

[the spread the love nursery collection | image via melanie linder]

[phoebe's pure food new logo | image  and design via melanie linder]

[the bloom girls at hello, bluebird | image via melanie linder]

it seems like everything's coming up melanie these days - and for good reason! my uber-talented, sweet as pie, pretty as a peach and fun as all hell miss mel has a lot going on - a birthday, an anniversary a baby, launching bloom with us, doing double dutch and oh yea, her full time gig over at spread the love. obvs, i could go on and on about her for days (and sometimes i do) but i invite you to just take a look at what she's been up to. (um, that logo is to DIE for) and who she is (this will make you love her MORE, if that's even possible). so join me and let's just celebrate the hell out of this little lady because she totally deserves it. here's to your happy month, and year,  my lady bird!