Thursday, January 15, 2015

sunset boulevard

sunset from waikiki
in case you haven't been following along on IG, i'm back from my hawaiian holiday! what a amazing way to celebrate the start of a new year..i think i may have created my own new tradition. since all i ever dream of are tan lines and sunshine, this island paradise delivered on every level and left me wanting more (north shore to be exact).

i was stressing about sharing pics because i didn't want the entire thing posted on the book but mom and the fam wanted to see pics and they don't have IG. i remembered seeing a post about chatbooks and boom. one day later i had a book ordered of all the pics i posted from the trip AND it was SIX dollars. since, i spent every last cent i could on goodies from the land of sunshine.

so yay for chatbooks (which i will be ordering on the reg) and yay for islands in the sun. just what this beach bum with a mermaid heart needed.

wishing you all things wonderful and bright this new year! xo