Monday, October 31, 2011

weekend wonders

Beautiful barn fun on Friday night for a haunted Halloween part followed by the storm of the century on Saturday for Lauren and Kyle's big day. Still, the weekend was packed full with lots of laughs, love and libations.

[frightful festivities]

[braving the storm]

[first dance via John Athens Photography]

[oh, hello]

[yay! via John Athens Photography]

[morning after brunch at the ever delcious Tomcat Cafe]

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

just keep swimming.

Things have been super hectic with my overflowing full plate but at the end of the day, when I finally get home, I smile at the door because I love my doormat. Bought on the cheap at IKEA and embellished by moi with a "K", my home decor project cost a whopping total of $3. So for now, my doormat (and awesome leopard loafers) are what keep me going during the long days.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

weekend wonders.

Better late than never! I was a little lax on the pictures over the weekend - didn't take the camera to accompany me on my Appalachian Trail run Sunday morning. There is something so holy about experiencing the views on the trail with your running friends, technology takes a back seat. Nonetheless, there was a blazing bonfire Saturday night at Robin and Kyle's harvest party and delicious homemade beer at Al's after our Sunday morning trail romp!

[first homemade blackberry apple pie of the season]

[bonefire at it's peak]

[pretty smoldering leaf]

[cozy with kate on the africa blanket]

[al, of the infamous 'al's beer run' (oh, and flannel)]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Want Wednesday: Pendelton Please

It's rainy, gray and damp here today and it has me pining away for my very own Pendelton blanket! They would look perfect in my apartment and be equally as practical and lovely to take on our next road trip. And guess what? I love all of them! So I'm thinking of sending Santa a note...wouldn't you just love to cuddle up in one of these on Christmas morning with a warm cup of hot chocolate? Yes please! (oh, and a pillow would be great too!)

[crossroads knit throw]

[tlignit throw]

[eagle rock saddle blanket]

[vintage los lunas blanket]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tune in Tuesday

Today's musical post is simple. You should check out Flowering Spade by Sean Hayes, in it's entireity; it's awesome -simple as that.. and perfect for soft fall days - whether they are bright with sun or chilly with rain. I really dig the song Flowering Spade, but they are all excellent. Happy listening!

Want to know more about Sean Hayes? Check it out here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend wonders.

It was all this fall this weekend and the weather and temperature totally cooperated! Whipped up a batch of vegan brownie pumpkin "cupcakes" I have been dying to make and they were delicious (and enjoyed by all of my running buddies). Saturday was full of spending time outside on the trails and up and down Penn Avenue scooping up great little finds (of which I forgot to photograph, so stay tuned). Not to mention a killer yard sale next door from my apartment at Rose Cottage where I snapped up a great birthday gift. Ended Saturday night at my local hang out, Mike's Tavern, to celebrate a birthday with yummy, organic cider. Sunday it was sun and pumpkins to the max - with some chili in between - what more could you ask for?! Oh, and my day ended with home made pizza; perfection! So there was lots of eating (and lots of running, I swear!) and enjoying my favorite season with my favorite things.

[you can lick the bowl because it's vegan: bonus!]

[a new home for vintage distlefinks from the oldest distillery in America]

[crisp and clean, sam smith's cider]

[go dutch with nelson's pumpkin ice cream]

[smiley pizza for sunday night dinner]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Want Wednesday

While out scouting for antiques this week I fell head over heels for a pair of work boots one of the vendors was wearing. Thank goodness I got close enough to get a glimpse of the the brand: Frye (duh!). So, now I must, must have them; meet Frye Owen Lace Boot. They are serious boot perfection and I swear to you I will wear them for the rest of my days - traveling, farming, antiquing, horse back riding, snow, rain..the list goes on and on.

Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend wonders.

[vintage books at the hay creek apple festival]

[joanna furnace at hay creek]

[backstage at Pick Fest]

[orchard sunset]

[chestnut hill fall arts festival]

[1966 Ford Mustang Convertible]

[delicious art deco at Lily's on Main]

[anniversary sunset from our table at Lily's]

This past weekend in October is always one of my favorites; I look forward to it all year - all good things fall packed in to two fun days with best friends. Saturday morning was kicked off with a bright and early trip to the Hay Creek Apple Festival where my neighbors and I snapped up vintage goodies and yummy apple delights (hot apple fritters anyone?). Then it was off to the 5th Annual Pick Fest at Frecon Farms and it did not disappoint. The bands were awesome, the crowd amazing, the cider delicious and the weather perfect. Followed this with an amazing evening in Manyaunk with best friend and her hubbs, and then up and at 'em again for the Chestnut Hill Art Festival. Had to jet back early though to meet Mom and Dad for their 35th wedding anniversary (hello, yay!) at the ever impressive Lily's on Main in Ephrata. What a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Want Wednesday: Black Magic

I adore black diamonds. And now please add black gold (aka oxidized gold) to the list of serious love. How I have never encountered the latter before is beyond me. But now there's no going back. And for bonus points one of my favorite jewelery designers has a breathtaking piece involving a very lovely large black diamond - breathless! So bring on the black - I love everything about the black gold and diamond combination, and the thought of them together, specifically stacked, makes me swoon - the perfect pair!

[take me home]

[take me home]

[blackstar diopside and diamond ring by Lucifer Vir Honestus]

[take me home]

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tune in Tuesday

In honor of my quickly approaching side project, and favorite fall day, Pick Fest, let's get down with some country croons and fast picking fingers this Tuesday to get us in the mood. Feast your eyes and read all about it here on page nine or check out the web-exclusive video at Berks County Living.

Let's tune into Band Hinton Band, who will be making an awesome appearence on stage Saturday. And of course, we can turn back time and revisit The Ramblers here. Enjoy!

[the brand hinton band]