Monday, August 26, 2013

weekend wonders.

saturday morning RDG // sunday morning RB
my absolute favorite summer pants from heidi merrick (sea pant in flume) // sand // true story
my kind of blues

Thursday, August 15, 2013

oh, canada.

headed up north this weekend for the ironman competition in mount tremblant! it's been a long time coming for glen and mike and i can't wait to watch them as they push their limits. i am SO PROUD of them for even having the thought in their brain that they can to do 140.6 grueling miles. i know their spirits will carry them far, and when they get tired, they've got an entire cheering section just for them (just wait until you see the sign i made ;). so stayed tuned to instagram for canada updates...there are coffee and croissants in my near future!

Monday, August 5, 2013

weekend wonders.

this little guy kept all of us up friday night and made an early morning debut on saturday! and then was promptly smothered with love and kisses as soon as aunt christin could get to him on saturday afternoon.  congratulations on your new family mr. and mrs. malora! parker has stolen our hearts.
beautiful sunday morning at the gring's mill run working the water stop at the red bridge.
as always, proud to be a pagoda pacer!
finally used my frye boots properly... 
..and took this beauty for a trail ride on sunday. more to come in the next issue of fitness berks!
a little down time and DIY in my heidi merrick sea pant. i am mildly obsessed with my doormat now.
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