Thursday, July 18, 2013

three zero

sending love and light out to my lovely cousin christina today as she turns the big 3-0. i can not think of any one more deserving of the weekend celebration that is about to ensure and i can not wait to share this moment with you! thanks for making life so sweet for all of us by just being you. see you in a few hours! watch out brewfest


Monday, July 15, 2013

weekend wonders.

trail maintenance saturday morning on mt. penn with BAMBA. such a fun, sweaty, rewarding morning. we took to the trails to trim back the summer growth and get some poison ivy  and learn about some seriously cool trails BAMBA has been working on for the past few years; we can't wait to tackle them.

sunday morning stop at the west reading diner to fuel up for a long day of moving, followed by a snap of the most beautiful carrots from b&h organic. erica grows some dang pretty food.

it seems appropriate that the first meal at my new gently used kitchen table from just curious? was pizza, with my parents of course. the spoils of a sweaty day's work. 

so, welcome to west reading! i have arrived.

Friday, July 5, 2013

friday fuel

young and wild and free.

hot and saucy

after a recent visit to the awesome papa grande's with my bestie and her hubs, i was inspired to recreate the AH-MAZING vinegar based hot sauce on our table. what could i be!? we wondered, as we slathered it on everything in sight. upon further investigation, we learned it was puerto rican style hot sauce (pique). immediately i googled it and found this very similar recipe. stopped by the local kitchen store to pick up the appropriate glass containers and about thirty minutes later had my first batch. 

i played around with the portions because my containers are much smaller, so i'll let you know how the end result turns out. as far as i'm concerned, the hotter the better ;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

only the best

hop on over to bloom where you are:: today and check out the post on this years best of berks! i'm already overwhelmed at the thought of narrowing down my favorites!