Monday, April 9, 2012

weekend wonders.

[pretty pink tree outside my window]

[newest addition to the apartment - bessie! (an early birthday gift from mom!)]

[my attempt at making blue ombre easter eggs]

[lipstick application in the church bathroom post easter trail run]

[pretty white tulips in my easter basket]

[delicious angel food cake for dessert - still craving it!]

[a sweet easter treat from my bestie ADZ]

Wow! What a wonderful holiday weekend. No one gets really "hopped" up (hehehe) on the Easter holiday, but I have to say the past few days were truly a nice break from the action to enjoy spring and family and food. Spent lots of time with mom, running on the trails and making yummy food (and even scrubbing my floor - for the new addition of course!). Here's to slowing down a little this spring and enjoying the season.

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