Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend wonders.

(packing sess with ADZ)

(breakfast at Chatty's: run by ladies only = awesome!)
(be still my heart: antlers at renningers extravaganza)

(saving face at Paisley and Co..: OBSESSED with my new skin/soap regimen)
(tattoo test drive: bird in hand)
It was an excellent weekend.

Packing and pizza Friday night with the bestie. Capers around Kutztown on Saturday with the lovely Melanie Linder (I have my own scentologist now!). And a tour de coffee consumption at Max Crema's and Global Libations - so yummy! Sunday was simply too divine to photograph. The day started with a birthday trail romp at Blue Marsh with 30 of my nearest and dearest Pacer friends - to take a run through the most beautiful and fragrant eight miles (some, more) that I have seen in a while. Running nirvana. Then too much time spent tailgating in the sunshine - always perfect for a couple hours of your Sunday. Dinner at Robin and Kyle's (delish!) and wonderful fresh greens from their garden for my lunch this week (you guys rock!).

It was an excellent weekend.

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