Monday, November 12, 2012

weekend wonders

whew, what a whirlwind! colds, birthday, babies have been on the forefront and got most of my time last week. but here's a peek at my wonderful weekend at home, you know, just doing what i do. the best part? sunday was super sunny and my ipod played the best tunes and the "danger do not enter" trails at nolde were super fun. shhhh. hope you got your happy on this weekend too!

the annual pacer bonfire was a blast! and i'm so glad i finally got to go. 
plus phoebe spoiled me with some sample treats on saturday - vegan pumpkin pie (to die for!) and kale and sundried tomato hummus (i could eat it with a spoon!)

sunday morning west reading market trip with a delicious sesame loaf from the daily loaf (who doesn't want bread made with l o v e!?) and a fresh cup of jo from adam at bechwarmers. it doesn't get much better!

oohhh and a sneak peek from the glam it up event at bella jules! so many fabulous things to choose from and i just loved all of the pieces i got to show off on behalf of bloom. that navy number is calling my name!

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