Monday, November 5, 2012

weekend wonders

it was a quiet, cold (literally and figuratively) and cloudy weekend. i'm still recovering from the first of the nasty head-colds of the season, but here are a few snaps of things that warmed me up.

this view from the charles evans cemetery. i've lived in centre park for two years and this was my first visit! definitely going back for more walks and creepy headstone haunting.

this favorite mug of mine is getting lots of action in bed these days.

a very special birthday celebration, family style, for amanda on saturday evening. so blessed i could join in and so psyched about the rosemary gin fizz fixin's i got to give with the help of phoebe!

an ode to breakfast of warm waffles and warm hearts. i think every day should start this way, not just weekends!
(and cups and saucers; please and thank you.)

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