Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tune in tuesday

[sunrise in rehoboth beach on tuesday morning | photo via monograms unlimited]
We survived Sandy and came out fairly unscathed; still waiting for the power to come back on so I'm rocking a baseball cap at work, but Wawa is brewing coffee and the traffic lights are back in action, so clearly we're on the upswing.

I had a super glamorous day indoors of naps, laundry, closet over-hauling (stay tuned on that) and tea drinking/comfort food eating to the max. Not a bad day.

Unfortunately, not everyone fared as well and my thoughts are with the East Coast as we begin to recover.

But I bet you're wondering what I listened to all day yesterday while living it up!? It was pretty simple - a mix of my parents America vinyl record and Ben Howard on the iphone. Not a bad cozy, stormy day mix. Warning: may make you want to snuggle. 

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