Friday, October 19, 2012

friday fuel

[image via Spread the Love; it's my favorite, you should spoil yourself and buy it too ]
Off to celebrate Darryl and Whitney tying the knot this weekend in CT! And for the record I can. not. wait. to see my family dance our asses off, and maybe drink too much, and probably laugh so hard I pee in my pants a little. Plus, stay tuned for a little WIW action next week...ohhh suspense!

So in honor of wherever you're at in the relationship world a few irresistible goodies I've come across:

I DIED when I found this tumblr...

Reflected when I read this.

And am positive this is the BEST wedding gift ever, of all time, the end. Or, this one
Sometimes I can't decide who I love more. Good thing I get to give lots of gifts!

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