Monday, October 1, 2012

good press.

[the spread the love nursery collection | image via melanie linder]

[phoebe's pure food new logo | image  and design via melanie linder]

[the bloom girls at hello, bluebird | image via melanie linder]

it seems like everything's coming up melanie these days - and for good reason! my uber-talented, sweet as pie, pretty as a peach and fun as all hell miss mel has a lot going on - a birthday, an anniversary a baby, launching bloom with us, doing double dutch and oh yea, her full time gig over at spread the love. obvs, i could go on and on about her for days (and sometimes i do) but i invite you to just take a look at what she's been up to. (um, that logo is to DIE for) and who she is (this will make you love her MORE, if that's even possible). so join me and let's just celebrate the hell out of this little lady because she totally deserves it. here's to your happy month, and year,  my lady bird!

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