Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I Want Wednesday

To market, to market with Melanie Linder today! What WE want?! Yummy, delish, organic, good-for-you, indulgent TREATS! And of course, that's exactly what we had. One of my new weekly feel-good rituals is to make a trip to see the fabulous Melanie Bare, of Fields and French Hens, at the Fairgrounds Farmer's Market. I get to stock up on organic protein bars for my long weekend runs (more on them later!), try a new sweet treat and get a hug from marvelous Melanie. (She's such a fox, I have decided she gets her own post just so I can tell you exactly how genuinely foxy she truly is.) Who wouldn't want to go to the market for that? And today it was double-trouble with my two favorite Melanie's in the same place at the same time! Overload! So now we're all hooked, on treating ourselves to treats (that are good for you inside and out) and on each other.

As an added bonus, Melanie Linder and I have also taken it upon ourselves to educate you, dear reader, on one treat a week that we both devour and then give you all the details.

First up: the Organic Cup of Joe cookie or maybe it was Organic Coffee Coconut - we ate them too fast to remember!

Christin swoons: Mmmm, chewy and moist texture, with just the right amount of coffee balanced with coconut flavor. Perfect pick-me-up for a gray Thursday afternoon. Loved the burst of the two crunchy coffee beans holding court in the middle of the cookie.

What did Mel think? Head over to blog to check out her take on our first treat tasting!

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