Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tune in Tuesday | Trifecta

Sometimes the best things in life are accidents. Like when you're searching for one thing but find another you didn't even know you were looking for! It all started when I was introduced to Pickwick (um, wow, can we please talk about these dudes, seriously.) and then I discovered the Sound on the Sound Doe Bay Sessions, which led to the ultimate uncovering of the Doe Bay Fest in Seattle (who's with me?!). So really, this is a trifecta of terrific proportions.

Who even knew The Head and The Heart had these two songs (okay, maybe everyone but me) I am in serious l o v e with this session; specifically the second song.

And then Pickwick just breaks it down and you wonder how you can go on living without ever seeing them in person.

And oh, hello Champagne Champagne - these dudes are just too cool. And what a rad group to add to the mix. Oh Doe Bay Fest, it might be impossible for me not to go to you this summer.

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