Wednesday, April 23, 2014

vanishing act.

i know, i left you again. but if you're following along on instagram, it's like a daily blog update in itself.

today this kid turns six. six just sounds so much older than five. five is the land of little boys and cute toddler stuff. but six, six is the real deal. it's a "closed" sign for your bedroom door, shyness when your aunt comes to visit and loving batman instead of elmo. but six is also amazing because you still shriek "i have a red balloon, i have a red balloon" and run around the house with it, and nothing in that moment can make you happier than having a red balloon on your birthday. or really, any day.

so, let's all channel that kind of joy. being six and having a red balloon on your birthday.

happy day to my sweet six year old cooper. i love you more than rock and roll and pizza.

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