Monday, April 7, 2014

thirty till thirty.

in the spirit of preparing to put a damn good and grueling decade behind me, i'm here to check in and show up for the next thirty days. we all know i have one speed - full steam ahead - so why not commit to come back to blogging too?

so, it will be a journal type of setting - documenting the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, kind and generous; for the next thirty days.

first up: monday, april 7

- crappy, rainy cold day.
- boot still on foot (two more weeks).
- four more weeks until i run.
- spin class theme "goodbye". am reminded this is exactly where i need to be at this moment.
- started mini-cleanse to clean up my well as mind and soul.
- surprised my favorite four year old with pink and purple balloons and boa. made her squeal "sanks aunt christin!" best part of my day.
- said "no" to something as to not stretch myself too thin.
- did not meditate (there's always tomorrow).
- found two white hairs in less than 24 hours. mom says they are hairs of wisdom.
- this mug, because it made me smile then and now, even though everything is different.

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