Wednesday, April 9, 2014

turkish figs for the win.

- the snack delivery challenge was accepted and it's organic turkish figs for the win! omg they are soooo good, and as much as i love a drive by latte and cookie drop at work, this fits with the gentle cleanse i'm doing. thank you friend!

- *pretty* much sticking to my plan...might be sipping on a decaf iced coffee right now, with almond milk of course.

- got my butt to spin class and sweated out some more sugar and carbs. those suckers are addicting.

- droped the ball on meditating and oil pulling again, but did finally watch catfish like 100 years later. and OMG. i am so late to that party.

- had a moment where i found myself totally stressing about something that really is so not a big deal, and the outcome is out of my control. so i acknowledged it, let it go and moved forward.

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