Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend wonders

this weekend post is really just a post about saturday. libby totally rocked out and won her division at the on the rocks race at french creek (she was also the first woman to cross the finish line in general, but refuses to make a big deal of it - if i ever cross the finish line at a mountain biking race i will make it the biggest deal EVER. just saying). we had a super fun day hanging out with the JB///Stoudt's team and cheering them on. still learning the ropes of a bike race, but i'm into it!

and then, to an eagerly awaited saturday night soiree!

what an incredible evening put on by the other farm brewing company. we enjoyed front row seats during an intimate evening of beer, cheese and dynamic duets pairings. everything was spot on and i can not wait until there is another match point event to enjoy! nice works dudes.

[goat cheese & land of the look behind]
[english cheddar & ike wilder // daniel bower]
[gouda & ataloft]

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