Monday, February 6, 2012

weekend wonders.

[for upcoming weekends on the road, granny janet's crumb pie will make me a welcomed guest!]

[it's black leggings and SLIPPERS people, not Uggs, totally different...]

[a few handmade suprises for some of my favorite people]

[happy tears in hamburg this weekend when we tackled this trail on sunny sunday]

[my reward after tackling said trails above - a burbon coffee milkshake. YES PLEASE!]

[for you]

Well good people, I'm out of weekend rut of black leggings/over-sized parka / Uggs /coffee with whip cream/couch potato stage. Unfortunately, I can't claim this weekend was glamorous by any means BUT here's some fun stuff to look at. Just feeling like myself in my own skin takes the cake as being the best part of my weekend, even if I do have the sneaking suspicion heartbreak lurking around every corner...

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