Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smelly Kelley

The signature scent of my home is Japanese Quince by Seda France. I shall be loyal to it forever, and once you get a sniff of it you will be too. But often I like to have smaller candles burning in other rooms (read bathroom and bedroom) - and while rummaging through the sidewalk sale at Hello Bluebird a few months ago I found the perfect complementing scents from Nouvelle for my one and only Seda France. So I bought a few a headed home to test them out. And then.. I fell in love! They are not only pretty and compact (just like my apartment) but pack major scented punch, that is exactly the inviting and clean aroma I want wafting around my little abode. (Oh, and of course they are eco-chic!) Everyone who comes over compliments their smell and I found myself going back for more. And more! Today, I scooped up the last three at Hello Bluebird, but am on a mission to find more. They come in all shapes and sizes for your burning enjoyment, but I prefer the small tins (great as gifts as well as easy to travel with). Today I have the Tuscan Current tin opened on my desk and it's already filling my office with it's fantastic scent!

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