Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodwill Toward Man

I always identify the kick off of fall to coincide with the Goodwill Runway Show. It's Berks County's very own Fashion's Night Out, but for an even better cause. All my lovely lady friends, after spending the summer on-the-go and in the sunshine, doll themselves up and get together for this second hand chic evening. It's like our very own back to school night, but so much cooler (did I ever mention how cool I think getting older is?). Anyway, without a word we all gather for the evening surrounded by fashion, charity and fall - compliments of sponsor Berks County Living.

Preview Party at Bell Tower

Bell Tower Salon and Medi-Spa

salon style


scouring the racks

me and my new Oscar

Goodwill Runway Show

meeting John McHenry of Goodwill

BCL fashion freelancers and best friends: miss must-haves and the look

centerpieces you can bid on - genius and chic!

Reading Beer made an unexpected and welcome appearance

take-away bags made from recycled tshirts

Alex serving up his amazing Lebanese fare from Aladdin

the fabulous Jackie Hoffman from y102 - mcing and modeling for the evening

from runway to real-way, we shop the racks after the show

in the bag

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