Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday Blues

a tart taste of what i did last evening...

my lovely friend robin let me in on her blueberry picking secret location..

she taught me about the different berry types, who knew!?..these are patriots

and here are beautiful blue crops..

the master pickers hard at work..they even helped little old me fill my container!

what a heavenly way to spend a hot and hazy summer evening..enjoying sunset and picking berries with friends.

and then i got treated to robin's infamous blueberry salad! asolutely scrumptious - can't wait to make my own.

robin's righteous blueberry salad

here's what you need:
yellow/green beans
red onion
lite caesar dressing
spring mix (or any greens you have on hand)

here's what you do: cook the beans (these are fresh from their garden!). plate the spring mix, top with ingreidents listed above and drizzle with lite caesar dressing. your tatebuds and tummy will thank you! bon appetit!

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