Thursday, January 3, 2013

to resolve or not to resolve?

that is the question.  

since i believe that each day you should get up and try and do better than the day before, i'm not much for once a year resolutions. but there's something to be said for checking in with yourself and making sure you're on the right track. so let's do this.

2012 was big year for me in many ways. i found strength in myself i didn't know existed and courage and clarity that produced the biggest growth spurt i've ever experienced mentally, spiritually and physically but most of all, i'd say 2012 is the year that i fell in love with myself. not in i'm a "hot shit" kind of way, but rather in a gentle, graceful and grateful kind of way.
i dig me. 

and you've got to if you want a fighting chance in hell at an amazing life.

so, in a ode to phoebe's 2012 recap (which i just love and think is so poignant) here's the scoop:

i lost myself, i found myself. i ran more miles than i ever have, or thought i could, in my life. i got hurt. i experienced the darkest of darkness and the brightest of brightness. i truly realized the unconditional love my parents have for me. i kicked ass and jumped in; started personal side projects that were always just constructed of talk and met amazing people who want to do amazing things. i healed. saw the love of true friendships shine through and pick me up. i moved, i accepted i'm a size 6 not a 12, i got rid of my old clothes. i decided my heart isn't a doormat & my kindness is not someone else’s blank check. 
i forgave. i grew. i found a deeper sense of gratitude than ever before. 
i found time for me, decided i'm worth it. i am crazy blessed with a good life and believe things will only get better.

and to quote my new year's eve at frogholler, "2013 muthafuckers".

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