Friday, January 25, 2013

farewell fields and french hens

..until we meet again! it's a bittersweet weekend at the market - melanie is closing her stand, but not closing up shop (don't worry!). she's going to take some well deserved time off and i'll keep you posted as to when she is up and running again, baking amazing goodies that make our tummies and hearts happy. her stand was an amazing catalyst for me, throwing me into the direction of good people, good ideas and good community. it is my hope that the spirit of her stand lives on in all of us touched by her talent, and we carry if forward in all that we do as active, kindred-spirits in berks county.

so last week the girls (plus a new one!) made their usual thursday trip to the market to sample what succulent goodies melanie baked up. of course they were all to die for - we ooohhed and ahhhed over luella how light the cheesecake was, how deliciously dense the walnut and fig cake was, and for moments like these i can never thank melanie enough for doing her thang. she is truly a blessing. rock on sister, we're excited for what's next for you!

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