Wednesday, December 5, 2012

what i want wednesday | holiday style

[druzey ring in green by betty carre, $195 at charles hutcheson fine jewelery]

so, i love charles hutcheson fine jewelry on any day of the week. but, i ESPECIALLY love them when i get there and it's NEW SHIPMENT day. (*please note, i should be turned away at the door on those days.) alas, i fell hard for this sparkly beauty by betty carre. i mean come on, it's totally perfect in it's raw organic roughness, so you can still be a little badass and don't feel overly girly, but sparkly enough you can dress her up and take her out. she's an everyday kind of piece, which i've professed before as my forever favorites.

so for those of you taking note (yes, that means you) this is pretty much all i want high up on my holiday wish-list (which you can check out at hutcheson, or make your own for your dad special someone to check!)

and if you're smart you'll put it in the toe of my stocking because that's where the best and brightest present always is! (like when i got my betty carre stackable rings last year. hint.)

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