Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I Want - Twofer

Oh my goodness, I am the worst blogger ever! So sorry for the MIA status. March has been mad to say the least and I feel like I'm going a mile a minute in every direction. So I promise I'll be better to you soon, but in the meantime a few things to get you up to speed jam-packed into one post!

[ Share Our Name via Melanie Linder]

Melanie Linder strikes again! How AMAZING is this print!? Not only is it one of my favorite Avett Brothers songs, it will now be a favorite gift on the wedding circut.

[Shine On via Sorrelli]

I never leave the house these days without a sparkly piece of Sorrelli on these days! MiMi is my personal favorite collection and is now on SALE (hello, Pebble Hinge Cuff)- so get on over to their site and start shopping! (You can thank me later.)

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