Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Wonders

I have to admit, sometimes this season slips past me and I find myself months later wishing I had indulged in the holiday spirit while I had the chance to. But this year, without pressure or persuasion, I find that my weekends (and some week nights too) have been spent making merry. This weekend was no different! Filled with holiday parties and merriment galore, we celebrated a very happy birthday on the trails at Nolde, picked out the family Christmas tree, picked up the coveted Pagoda cookie cutters, made wild wreaths and baked (and ate) until we busted.

[mom and dad with the tree]

[authentic bone door handle at plowville farms]

[wild home made wreath]

[pagoda cutouts]

[icing hands!]

[finished product]

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