Thursday, April 11, 2013

anger management

let me start off by saying i'm keeping this post short, although it could be  l o n g, or, it could be an installment of posts. however, no one needs to hear me drone on and you luck out because i'm under the gun to get jazz on the avenue produced tomorrow. so, briefly, some thoughts on anger. 

omg i know i said the "a" word! just the word makes me squeamish! i mean, come on, people like christin kelley, do not get angry, right? that's so going against the grain of every fiber of my being. because being angry is a negative, hurtful, bad thing to be? right?

nope, sorry. wrong.

so here i am dealing with all this anger, feeling guilty about feeling the anger, and trying to not be angry. well, guess what, it's not working, and i'm still angry. 

but then i discovered the upside of anger. that my anger, used in the right way (with an open heart, read below) is healing. it's just what i need. it's like having a fever to get the sickness out. YES. PLEASE. sign me up for that, like, yesterday. 

so, i'm getting down with my anger now that i see it in a new light. and you know what? i don't feel bad about being angry. i feel good about being angry. see what i did there? i used angry and good in the same sentence.  you should def try it too. 

so if you're into it, i challenge you to read this and cut yourself some slack, with an open heart of course. because buddha is right, holding onto that stuff is no good. 

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