Thursday, February 28, 2013

food files

the soup has been on at my house throughout the winter season. before this year, i never ever made soup. (except that one time in college and it turned out horribly.) fast forward to now, i found some amazing recipes that are fast and inexpensive, and easy for me to pack for lunch! perfecto.

first up, this tomoato soup. i loveee tomato soup, but let's get real, that stuff in the can is scary and who actually thinks a homemade version can be any good without extra heavy cream? exactly. but the thing is you're wrong. this number by love and lemons is vegetarian (vegan if you don't add any cheese) and dairy free. and it's so creamy and thick and rich you're going to think you should feel guilty for eating and entire bowl. but NO! don't! because it's good for you and super healthy.

i didn't alter the recipe much, but i didn't use white wine (didn't have any) and my sun-dried tomatoes weren't packed in anything (i just covered them with boiling water for 15 minutes and then added them to the soup). as for the heat - i was really liberal with the red pepper flakes and i can't imagine making it any other way :) oh, and no pine nuts, again just because there weren't any in the house.

okay so get to cooking! i swear you're going to be in tomato soup heaven! xo

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