Monday, August 13, 2012

wise women

So it's Monday and I'm feeling like it's a great idea to start another little thing to follow over here on my blog: wise women. There are SO many RADICAL women in my life, from my momma to best friends, to trial running groupies, to yoga instructors, to vegan bakers...(okay, you get the point), that I really feel like I owe it to the world to share their wisdom with everyone, and not just keep it all for myself. So to the best of my ability, we're going to start giving props to the wise women rocking it out in my life. The BEST part is, I'm going to attempt to keep this fairly local (since a HUGE part of my quality of life is that these goddesses are people I interact with on a daily/weekly/monthly basis here in Berks County). So, first up, the lovely, talented and foxy: Susan Golembiski.

Who: Susan Golembiski

What:  Owner/designer/rock star of Susan Golembiski Designs (formerly FROCK for all of you BC peeps).

Why: Keeps it local, boasting Berks County as her home base but doesn't make us give us our craving for creative and chic fashion us local ladies swoon for in the big cities. Not to mention she is every bride and bridesmaid's best friend this side of the Mississippi. So I guess the simple answer to "why" is because she's the best (and not just in Berks). But we get to brag that we have her and her talent, and I seriously can. not. wait. to show you what she's cooking up for me. Crazy brilliant and chic. But that's Susan for you...(she's also making my wedding dress unbeknownst to me until I walked into the studio today and, for the first time ever, fell head over heels for the ivory creation hanging in front of me..but more on that later.)

Where: You can find her in her new, awesome, fun, fresh, funky studio in the GoggleWorks in room 208; follow her on her blog and keep up with her Facebook.

Wise Words: "She needs to remove one exclamation point from her outfits." (and basically, this also just cracks me up.)

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