Monday, June 18, 2012

Get me bodied.

I think Garance hit the nail on the head here with her Deep thought #3:

Deep thought #3: so then, a real cool girl’s body is not “perfect.” It’s a little soft around the edges, less rigid. There are maybe a few extra pounds (“No biggie”) or biceps a little less than ripped (“I’d rather go to a coffee shop than to the gym!”), so yeah, not the “dream” body. Well, it IS actually a dream body, maybe just not of fashion designers, but the dream body of the cool girl’s boyfriends.
And if a girl can be less strict about her body, she captures the imagination of all the people around her because what emerges from her less-than-perfectitude is a certain coolitude and self-acceptance : well, you got it! The holy grail."

Yes, ladies. Let's work for coolitude just being us. Amen. Check out Deep thoughts #1 and #2, and what it really takes to be Deep thought #1 over at Garance's blog. (A really great daily read/look if you're not doing it already).

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