Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend wonders.

It was all this fall this weekend and the weather and temperature totally cooperated! Whipped up a batch of vegan brownie pumpkin "cupcakes" I have been dying to make and they were delicious (and enjoyed by all of my running buddies). Saturday was full of spending time outside on the trails and up and down Penn Avenue scooping up great little finds (of which I forgot to photograph, so stay tuned). Not to mention a killer yard sale next door from my apartment at Rose Cottage where I snapped up a great birthday gift. Ended Saturday night at my local hang out, Mike's Tavern, to celebrate a birthday with yummy, organic cider. Sunday it was sun and pumpkins to the max - with some chili in between - what more could you ask for?! Oh, and my day ended with home made pizza; perfection! So there was lots of eating (and lots of running, I swear!) and enjoying my favorite season with my favorite things.

[you can lick the bowl because it's vegan: bonus!]

[a new home for vintage distlefinks from the oldest distillery in America]

[crisp and clean, sam smith's cider]

[go dutch with nelson's pumpkin ice cream]

[smiley pizza for sunday night dinner]

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